quoth live

Quoth is an electronic music artist and 80's DJ who currently resides in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he has had an innate love of music of all genres since a very young age. He soon felt the need to contribute to the musical community. In 2010, he started experimenting with software to create his own electronic tracks and started by just sharing them with friends and family.

Through those contacts, he received much encouragement and accolades - enough to feel that he could self-produce his first original album. January 2012 saw the release of his debut album, The Alter Egos. This album was based on his love for industrial, goth, breakbeat, ambient, drum and bass, and even hip-hop music, which he melded into his own distinct style. In the same year, he joined the ranks of the online communities Rootwork Collective and WeltMuzik.

In the years that followed, he continued to grow and expand his style and sound, and has even taken his original music into the live music scene locally. In 2013 he co-founded, along with other like-minded electronic artists, a local DIY musical collective called the NEPA Electrotribe. These artists strive to bring awareness to the area and to the world that local electronic music exists. All during this time, Quoth has continued to release new music that pushes his boundaries and sounds from previous albums.

Quoth has another side, as well. DJ Quoth was born to bring the 80's back to NEPA. He spins 80's New Wave, Pop, Post-Punk, and SKA in local bars as a retro dance party. DJ Quoth's attempt at an 80's New Wave revival has been a huge success every time it happens. The reception in the area has been overwhelming, and it is a part of his music career that he can continuously enjoy and have fun with. Just recently, he has also begun compiling and preparing for his first ever 90's night. Many of the 80's fans have been requesting such a night for quite some time, and he will soon be rocking local establishments with a brand new decade of musical throwbacks. His 90's repertoire includes all genres - Alternative, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Dance.

Quoth continues to push himself to exceed the boundaries of his music and skill. His first love was the music itself, and he will continue to grow his contribution to the soundscape through his own electronic music and 80's music in hopes that the world will grow in its appreciation along with him.

In Quoth's own words in the liner notes of The Alter Egos... "This is more of a want and need that turned into a dream come true. My love for music is translated to what you see and hear before you. I taught myself about two years ago because I wanted to contribute to this world of music. May the contribution be big or small? I don't know. That is up to you. Expression is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind. A greater gift is being able to share my personal expression with you. We are all still and will always be works in progress..."