Released January 7, 2012, The Alter Egos is Quoth's debut album.

Taking his love from all types of music, he decided to meld them all together into his own specific sound.

The album includes collaborations with fellow Rootwork Collective artist Effector, and his most personal track to date, Aviator.

The album was mastered by Rootwork Collective's own Tantrick Ape.

The album artwork and logo was done by Brian "Eel" Albright.


01. Butterfly  

02. Blank (Featuring Effector)

03. Only For Revenge

04. The Harkers

05. Sand Castles (Featuring Effector)

06. Inscrutable (Featuring Marco Burgemeister)

07. A Bouquet Of Guns And Roses

08. Use And Care  

09. Central Control (Featuring Effector)

10. Sunburn  

11. The Harkers (Effector's Response Mix)

12. Aviator