Quoth - programming, synths, production, live tweeking, sound manipulation, mastering, and different types of fuckery.

Lady Hectic - mastering, cover and artwork, head nods and smiles.

Styles Clement - vox, production, and mastering on The Needle is Released.

DJ Chunky - voice and production on Old Man Einstein Crazy In His Attic.

Kenny Hill - the body in which Quoth is allowed to possess.

Styles Clement appears courtesy of THD, Rootwork Collective, and Ma Dukes Grannie Panties.

DJ Chunky appears courtesy of Chunky Choice Cut @ www.dapper.co.uk

Gary Goblins appears courtesy of FaBam! Recording.


01. The Needle Is Released (Featuring Styles Clement Of THD)  

02. Deep Blue Morocco

03. Just Pick Up The Phone

04. Professionally Poised (Interlude)

05. The Tom And Jerry Thing  

06. Footsteps Concealed

07. Old Man Einstein Crazy In His Attic (Featuring DJ Chunky)

08. Resonator (Interlude)

09. Senseless Geezer (Live At Hill House)  

10. Don't Go Dark On Me (Interlude)

11. Crossway Boy

12. They're Gonna Find Out Soon Enough  

13. Mockery (Freedom Of Religion Mix By The Gary Goblins)