This is a collaboration album between Quoth and Lady Hectic.

Also known as "The Wedding Album" and "Fused", this album was given out in hard copy form as a wedding favor when the two were married on July 20, 2013.

This is a combination of Quoth and Lady Hectic's unique electronic styles melded into one.

Hard copies still do exist.

This album was released on July 20, 2013.

Quoth and Lady Hectic did everything together except for Bliss (a Lady Hectic only track) and Zip Drive (a Quoth only track).


01. It Begins

02. Pillow Talk

03. Tap-S-3

04. Light And Dark  

05. Degree

06. Bliss (Lady Hectic)  
07. Zip Drive (Quoth)  

08. Til Death Do Us Part