Released June 7, 2012, The Harkers EP is a remix album.

Quoth sought out like-minded electronic artists to remix the track The Harkers from his album, The Alter Egos.

What came out of that was a fifteen track (so technically not an EP) opus of amazing remixes and takes of the original.

Contributers include the talents of fellow Rootwork Collective members: Effector, Superficial, Styles Clement, and Tantrick Ape; as well as remixes by other talented artists such as PEW, Lucidstatic, Mount Analogue, Bios+a+ic, Syphilis Sauna, Tears of Nature, Vinz IAG, Mean Spirited Mirth, Kontrolled Demolition, and Steven Wymer.

The album artwork and logo was done by Brian "Eel" Albright.


01. Original Version - Quoth  

02. Bios+a+ic Remix - Bios+a+ic

03. Lucidstatic Remix - Lucidstatic

04. Lysergiastmatic Mix - Tantrick Ape

05. Tar Pit Blues Mix - Syphilis Sauna

06. TON Remix - Tears Of Nature

07. Harker Kush Remix - Vinz IAG

08. Pockitz Trancemizzion - Pew

09. HArkers Damaged REmix - Mean Spirted Mirth

10. Effector's Response Mix - Effector

11. Superficial Remix - Superficial  

12. Styles Clement Remix - Styles Clement

13. Kontrolled Demolition Remix - Kontrolled Demolition  

14. Tweeked Mix - Steven Wymer

15. Mount Analogue Mix - Mount Analogue