This is the unmastered version.

It has been 6 months since I put this album out and I want people to hear what it sounded like before it was mastered.

This is actually to show what Tantric Ape had to work with in the mastering process and shows the pure mastery of his work on the mastered version.

Released July 07, 2012.


01. Butterfly  

02. Blank (Featuring Effector)

03. Only For Revenge

04. The Harkers

05. Sand Castles (Featuring Effector)

06. Inscrutable (Featuring Marco Burgemeister)

07. A Bouquet Of Guns And Roses

08. Use And Care  

09. Central Control (Featuring Effector)

10. Sunburn  

11. The Harkers (Effector's Response Mix)

12. Aviator