Quoth - Synth, Beats, Samples, Sequencing, Programming and all around Fuckery

Special guest apperance by :
Jesse Savka - Synths and additional Programming and Sequencing on "My Enemies Have More Love For Me Than You Do"

Art Design - Lady Hectic

All Songs Mastered and Recorded at Your Momma's House Studios in Scranton, PA.

This album and especially the track "Fallon" is dedicated to Fallon Kathleen Hill .. Daddy loves you so much !

FaBam Recording #024 (2018)


01. Switch Intro

02. A Call to Arms

03. Bane  

04. Shutter

05. Flagrant Foul  

06. The Industry

07. ElectroConga

08. My Enemies Have More Love For Me Than You Do (Feat Jesse Savka)

09. Killswitch (Q)

10. Resonator Pt 2

11. You're A Freak (Q)

12. Exist

13. Fallon  

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