This album was recorded live at The Other Side in Wilkes-Barre, PA on May 2nd 2014.

Thanks and shout-outs to: Archimago, Zovin, Lady Hectic, and The Gary Goblins.

Additional shout-outs to: Stach for the amazing sound and video, the staff and crew at The Other Side, the fans and haters in attendance, Rootwork Collective, Weltmusik, and to the fans who support and still listen.


02. Only For Revenge (Live Reworking)

05. Butterfly (Live Reworking)

06. Tails (Live Reworking)

07. Mockery (Live Reworking)

08. Use And Care (Live Reworking)

09. Sunburn (Live Reworking)

10. DVD (Live Reworking)