Jam The Transmission came about from an improv jam session between The Gary Goblins and Quoth on a hot day in June at The Leaning Room (GG's Studio). Nothing was planned on doing anything special that day except tinkering around with some music.

A couple of dry runs and some beers later, they realized that they had something going on here.

So they reset, hit record, turned on Mixlr to have it broadcast (so some of you were lucky to hear it live if you were tuned in that day).

An hour later they hit the stop button. Jam The Transmission is special in a lot of ways.

First off for any tech heads out there, you will find it interesting to know that during the jam session none of the equipment used was linked up in anyway.

There were no midiing of devices- just two electronic artists using modern gadgets with human internal body clocks and vibes.

Another point is that Spectre wasn't created for this jam session. Spectre was created after this jam session because when the smoke cleared, it was no longer just Quoth and The Gary Goblins jamming, it was a new entity. One that had to be named... one that had to be heard.

Also included are two songs, Beer and Not Ambient, that were recorded way before this jam session. These two extras were Spectre before Quoth and The Gary Goblins even knew what Spectre was. Spectre will return!!! Enjoy and stay tuned!!

This album was released on March 18, 2017

Spectre is:
The Gary Goblins - Korg EMX and Moog Sub 37
Quoth - Korg EMX


01. Enter (Stage Left)

02. Time Keeps On.......

03. .....Slippin

04. Premeditated

05. A Murder Of Crows  
06. Moldschool (Dub 1.0)  

07. Moldschool (Dub 2.0)

08. An Uncomfortable Series Of Events

09. Nah B!

10. Detected

11. Ronin

12. Elf Is About To Die (Glow Sticks.....)  

13. Elf Is About To Die (....and Pacfiers)

14. Tomato Fest (Smacked)

15. Tomato Fest (Fried Green)

16. Exit (Stage Right)

17. Beer

18. Not Ambient