"Snowman melting from the inside.. Falcon Spirals to the ground" - David Bowie

Recorded @ At Your Momma's House Studio Scranton, PA between Mid 2019 to March 2021

FaBam! #37 FaBam! Recordings 2021

Released March 14, 2021

Quoth - I Never Left

Quoth - Production, Sequencing, Programming, Sound Manipulation, and All Around Fuckery

Additional Personel:

Gr33nfly - Additonal Production, Sound Manipulation and What Not on The Belladonna

CLO - Addition Production and Sound Manipulation on H Street Jam (Live from "At Your Momma's House)

Kenny Hill - The vessel that Quoth possesess

Lady Hectic - Visual Creator


01. An Ongoing Matter

02. The "He Sold Out" Argument  

03. The Belladonna (Feat. Gr33nyfly)

04. Consequence Is No Coincidence  

05. Jeanie

06. A Temporarily Sane Man (Newly Hopeful)

07. Dedicated (To The Ones That Kept Frontin')  

08. Stuck Doo - Gie

09. H Street Jam (Live At Your Momma's House) (Feat. CLO)

10. Harm To An Ongoing Matter

11. Jeanie (Quoth Remix)