This is a compilation of early tracks during 2010 to 2012 before my debut album "The Alter Egos" back when I wasn't sure what I was doing musically.

This is when I was figuring out FL Studios and other various items. Some of the songs are still raw sounding cause this was before I actually gave a fuck about how good things sounded.

Yes repetition is abound on many of the tracks and minor glitches and stuff can be heard. To change some of that would change the purpose of what this album is to me and you guys listening.

Also on this album are remixes done by myself and some friends around the same time they were recorded. It is me in my earliest stage of learning. You have to know where you came from to see where you're going!!!


01. beat 1 pt2

03. Plead

04. Flip

06. Flux

07. The Void Between Us And Them

08. Maura's Song

09. EndOfLine

10. The Thought Of You Is Dying

12. beat 1 pt 2 (Bangalore's Bang A Gong Remix)

13. Plead (Quoth's Son Of A Glitch Remix)

14. EndOfLine (The Paranoid Remix)