Released January 29, 2013, Quoth's sophomore album, Am I Who You Are, was his attempt to expand his expertise of software and the sounds it could create.

The album features Rootwork Collective's Superficial on several tracks, and also showcases the hip-hop talents of the same Collective with artists Shaib01, Tantrick Ape, and Styles Clement on the track Screwdriver.

A darker album than its predecessor, it still holds true to Quoth's distinct style.

The album artwork and logo was done by Brian "Eel" Albright.


02. Candle

03. Draw

04. Going Further Away(Featuring Industricon(Quake Tourists) and Superficial)

06. Plastic

07. VCR

08. Slanted

10. Outro(Verted) (Feat. Superficial)